MPAA Content Security Best Practices Common Guidelines Audit Tool

MPAA Content Security Audit Review Tool – free download

We just published the initial version (beta: ver. 0.5) of an MPAA Content Security Audit Review Tool built in Microsoft Excel. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has a Content Security Best Practices Common Guidelines document that our client needed us to follow to help them pass a digital security audit review. The audit […]

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Microsoft Access and Word VBA Document Assembly System Demo

Summary: This demonstrates a methodology and some of the associated technologies I’ve used to create complex and flexible contract generators, proposal generators, and other document assembly systems. Technologies: Microsoft Access (SQL Server*) Microsoft Word – Word Templates – Word Global Template w/AutoText Entries * SQL Server: For simplicity, this demonstration uses Microsoft Access as the […]

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VBA to Extract All Excel Formulas in a Workbook

Summary Some visual-basic for applications code to extract all the formulas from every sheet in an Excel Workbook and save them in a text file. Background Avoiding a long explanation, we’ve been writing a reporting tool that combines a Microsoft Access front-end to a SQL Server database. It generates and updates some Excel reports/data visualizations […]

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Sharing Microsoft Excel Data Using SQL Server or Microsoft Access

Summary Demonstrate how data can be cleaned up and shared across multiple users while allowing reports and visualization in well-known and common tools. Technologies Microsoft SQL Server (Express) Microsoft Access & The Access Runtime Microsoft Excel Add-on: Microsoft Power BI The need Provide a data aggregation and cleanup tool with customized and shared Excel reports. […]

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Listing Excel Workbooks and Sheets from Microsoft Access using VBA

SUMMARY: Tutorial to show how to use Microsoft Access VBA to retrieve and display open Workbooks and their Worksheets. I create a lot of dashboards, reporting systems, and document automation projects built extensively using Visual-Basic for Applications. Often, the infrastructure looks like: Microsoft Access as a front-end application. SQL Server as the back-end data repository. […]

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Los Angeles based Excel and Access VBA Programming

Using Excel VBA to Automate SQL Server Data Migration

Data Migration Sucess Some simple concepts to help you with more successful conversion and migration projects. Front-load the Automation Automation requires more work at the start – on the front-end of a project. Create simple data connection and output tools immediately. Doing so will give your team the confidence to defer to the automation tool […]

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