Skitch – a utility for creating simple how to graphics


The image above was created using Skitch – a graphic utility from Evernote.

It allows you to quickly annotate¬†and embed images into documents, email, or upload to your social media. There is also a mobile Skitch application. I took this photo of my dog, Beaux, and quickly annotated it with Skitch on my Android. Yes, he’s that cute: Rolling over or catching frisbee.

Creating Documentation

Last week I discussed how to create rapid and linked documents using Google Drive.

Documentation is one of those things that gets put last on the list. And yet, as entrepreneurs and small businesses, struggle to capture and pass along knowledge within our organizations and particularly for new hires. Ensuring that the people in your organization have tools that allow for rapid development and simple editing of critical processes is the simplest way to capture and share this knowledge.

Skitch is such a tool and one that I highly recommend.

Below is a video demonstrating how the image above was created.


Download it and give it a try. Let me know how you like it.

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