Share the Correct Blog Image on Facebook from WordPress

If  you use WordPress  and share your content on Facebook, this should interest you.

This blog entry will teach you how to ensure the right image, title, and description shows up when your blog or webpage is shared on Facebook.

We’ll be covering:

  • Optimal image size
  • How/where to create your image for free
  • How to add it to your WordPress page and the Yoast SEO plug-in
  • How to fix the wrong image and metadata showing up on Facebook
  • How to create your own share button/link

Ready… let’s go.

Optimal Image size to share on Facebook

Facebook recommends images that are at least 600 x 315 and they recommend 1,200 x 630 for high-res devices.

That is an aspect ratio of 40 x 21. Here is a handy calculator for that:

This will ensure that, when your page is shared on Facebook, you’ll see a nice, full-width image in the Facebook wall, with a title and description below it.. like this.


Where to Create Your Image for FREE

If you don’t own Photoshop or a decent graphics program, there are so low-cost/free alternatives. I use MS Publisher but you can also use:

  • Google Slides – part of the Google Apps / Google Drive, free suite of apps. Requires a gmail account but everyone should have that!!
  • – a free graphics utility with thousands of high-end images and other features you can purchase on an as-needed basis for typically $1.00.

Here is a short-video showing how to set each of these tools up for a Facebook ready image.


Adding the image to WordPress using the Yoast SEO plug-in

I’m not covering the install of plug-ins or advanced features of the Yoast SEO plug in.. but suffice to say, it is a must-have for your WordPress install.

Below your post information is the Yoast SEO metadata information. You can add a title and a description here. You’ll notice a tab for “Social” as well.


And that metadata and properly sized image is displayed as the full-width Facebook post as shown near the top of this post.

Simple right?


When I share my post it is showing my old image and description

Yep.. that happens. Facebook has about a zillion people sharing images daily. To ensure their servers don’t explode, they cache your page’s content the first time it is shared. After that, if you or anyone else shares the same link, it shows the cached (stored) information.

But you can force Facebook to re-read that information. After you’ve corrected/updated the information, visit this utility, enter the URL, and “Fetch” the new information.

Once that is done, when your post is shared, the correct image and metadata will show up.

Create your own share button

Want to create a link inside your page for people to share your post – or some other offer or post?

Use the Facebook Sharer utility. Simply add your page or post URL to  this address.

So, for me to share this post, I could add the URL of this page after the “u=” as in

I can make it an image link or just text.. like, share this post.

Go ahead… try it.. it will share the image and the metadata.. I know.. that was sneaky.. but I would truly do appreciate it, if you do share it. 😉

More Shareable Content

Hopefully this helps you create more easily shared content.

Have questions about this or how to create interesting content? Feel free to ask.

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