The Who & The What

About me, my approach, and the services I provide. 

Concept Driven, Process Savvy

My name is Matthew Moran. I'm a Los Angeles based software developer and technology consultant. While I love Los Angeles, I serve clients in Arizona, New York, Florida, Ohio, The United Kingdom, France, & Australia.

I authored an approach to technology solution titled, Concept Over Process (COP). COP places the emphasis where it should be: on the client's business, NOT on the technology used. It is included in my book, Building Your IT Career (published by Pearson), which is used in colleges around the world to teach business-centric IT. If you'd like a copy of that chapter, just ask and I'll send it to you.

I help organizations by automating business processes, document assembly, and financial reporting. I also provide coaching and training to help your team become better - helping business and data analysts better use the tools at their disposal.

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Matthew Moran

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Some of the tools & technologies I use:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server (all flavors)
  • Microsoft Access
  • VBA (Excel & Word Automation)
  • Javascript
  • JQuery/JQueryUI
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Windows Server: Active Directory
  • Powershell, VBScript, Kixtart, and other automation scripts
  • WordPress
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Glip, Slack
  • CRM Systems: Saleforce, Insightly, Zoho
    I'm not a fan of most CRM's - building my own
  • G Suite (Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.)


Blog entries & tools to make you smarter & better

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The most important facet of project management is NOT tracking tasks. It is the effective delegation of those tasks. Pulse founder, Matthew Moran, provides executive coaching as part of our service offering. A few weeks ago he worked with a select group of 6 executives on team collaboration strategies and tools. Now he is introducing an […]

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At Pulse, we’ve adopted as our internal project communication tool… and it is AMAZING!!!  “a single email about a project can result in dozens of responses.. email clutter” Have you seen/experienced this at your organization? Someone sends an email to several (let’s say 5) recipients asking for feedback on some tasks or document. 4 […]