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We extol the virtue of Concept Over Process. That does not mean that tools and process are unimportant. They are critical! We are Concept-Driven & Process-Savvy!

One of our core values is COLLABORATION: internally, with our clients, and with outside vendors – either ours or yours.

In order to provide you the best, most responsive, and collaborative service, we utilize the following cloud-based, mobile-ready tools*:

*Oh.. we also help implement and train many of our clients on the same tools.

Glip (glip.com)

Team/project collaboration discussions. Rather than numerous emails back and forth between our internal team, clients, and their vendors, glip allows us to centralize project communication into a single dialog. Documents, images, and other files are centrally located. The context of questions and answers readily available and simple to follow.

Add to that, tasks, events, notes, and other tools for simply AMAZING communication, and the future of teamwork is here.

In fact, Pulse Founder, Matthew Moran, provides workshops and executive coaching on team collaboration and using Glip for that purpose.

SmartSheet (smartsheet.com)

Cloud based project management.

From simple tasks list to complex projects, Smartsheets starts with the concept of a simple spreadsheet, then adds strong reporting, auto-notifications, row by row task assignment, per project or per task/row dialog, attachments, etc.

Most project management software is too complex. Most spreadsheets are too simple. Both fail in the area of cloud based communication. Smartsheet fits nicely between the too complex and too simple. Just right!

Google Drive: Google Docs/Google Sheets (Google Drive)

Cloud based documents, spreadsheets, & other communications.

If you are NOT using Google Drive somewhere in your workflow, you are missing one of the GREAT cloud-based tools at your disposal. Free or mostly free – you can collaborative with internal and external resources in real-time.

Insightly CRM (insightly.com)

Okay.. I mention Insightly NOT because we are HUGE fans.. (sorry Insightly). That is because we’ve yet to find the CRM that does what we believe a CRM should do. But, it does allow us to track our client interactions and centralize who to reach and how to reach them.

And other tools

Yes, we still use email… We are mobile and we are reachable.

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