Office Automation using Visual-Basic for Applications

Custom Financial Reporting, Document Assembly, and Data Analytics

"Office Automation is one of the least-utilized but high-value technologies available today!

We build and consult on complex automation systems. This includes: data cleanup and conversions, database applications, document assembly, and reporting and analytics dashboards using VBA. Whether you need Excel Automation, Word Document Assembly and Language Libraries, SQL Server integration, or to connect your data to third party applications like QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Oracle, SAP, and others, we have the expertise to deliver quality solutions.

Projects & Clients

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Industries and Projects

Healthcare: Contract Assembly

A number of document assembly systems - ranging from simple to extremely large systems - producing 100+ page contracts in a matter of minutes rather than hours. The largest of these include complex language libraries and formatting and pagination to produce paperless insurance contract systems.

Legal: Contract Assembly

Several projects involving real-estate contracts across multiple states, producing all necessary ownership transfer contracts and associated filing documents.

Professional Services: Financial Reporting

Create complex financial reporting spreadsheets and graphics taking data from mutiple data sources (SQL DB, CRM, and Local Spreadsheets) - linked the data and built dashboard style reporting tool. This tool was then automatically distrbuted via email to the necessary executives for review.

Manufacturing: Financial Analysis

Pulled from two different databases (SQL Server & Legacy DB2) to reveal discrepencies in rolled up billed of material and product costing between systems.


  • Microsoft Access (Access to SQL Server Integration)
  • Microsoft Excel (financial reporting, dashboards, data cleanup/conversion)
  • Microsoft Word (complex document assembly/contract assembly/reporting systems)
  • SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SAP, and other database systems
  • Power BI (dynamic data updates and dashboards/reports)

Consult, Build, Train

We can help identify areas of automation, build a custom solution for you, or help your team learn how to build and grow custom solutions for your business.

If you are ready to get the greatest value from your systems technology and data, contact us. A conversation cost nothing.

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