New Prospecting and Sales Call Software – Hyper Call Q

Los Angeles, CA – Pulse Infomatics Streamlines the Sales Call and Prospecting Process

Pulse Infomatics is preparing to release it’s flagship Sales Prospecting and Call Center software, Hyper Call Q, for limited custom release in January 2017.

Hyper Call Q provides a simplified, single-screen and push-button actions, for almost all call resolutions. Additionally, sales reps can make notes and set call back appointments on a single screen, further simplifying process through call list.

“There is a lot of frustration in this specific space, with many companies trying to make their CRM function as a call system and most call systems providing confusing input and call processing,” said Matthew Moran, Pulse founder and chief architect on Hyper Call Q. “After a few years of working with clients, trying to help them navigate the CRM and sales call world, we created a simplified solution for one client and that has evolved into Hyper Call Q.”

Pulse is integrating Hyper Call Q as a custom integration process while completing a virtualized server version for general release.

To request additional information, visit the Hyper Call Q home page.

The following video provides an overview of the Hyper Call Q process.

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