download this free Excel spreadsheet to help you track your MPAA Content Security Audit

MPAA Content Security Audit Tool

We were recently contracted to help a media company meet security requirements for their client (a larger media company).

We've done several security consulting projects. As part of this specific audit, we were provided a copy of the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) Content Security Best Practices - Common Guidelines document.

Our client wanted a simple checklist they could follow that would provide an active count of outstanding issues from the above mentioned document. As our team discussed it, we decided to create an Excel workbook to help keep our client (and us) on track and aware of what was needed.

After downloading the last guidelines from MPAA it made sense for us to put it into a spreadsheet. We thought others might benefit from this type of visibility and have decided to make our Excel workbook available for public download.

Future Updates

Current version: 0.5 (beta)
Date published: 1/21/2019
Based on: MPAA Content Security ver 4.04 *
* as of 1/21/2019, you need to scroll down the page to locate the PDF link.

Future features: (not prioritized)

  • Section refresh upon new / updated topics
  • Ability to edit or add status and reflect those changes on the summary
  • Auto-notification for new version/features
  • Filter form topics by status/section
  • Library of expert tips by topics

If you have a suggestion or want to be updated about the tool, please use the form below.

Beta Release

We are building additional features as time permits and based on feedback. While this tool has proven helpful and is in use with our client, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided nor provide any warranty explicit or implied.

Use the download button below to get the latest version.

Also, note: We've set one item under "Digital Security" as "To Review" as an example. Our advice is to set all items to "Open" to start your own audit review.

Instructions & Info

We'll have some additional documentation on the tool and a video showing how it functions. However, here is a basic overview.


The workbook is made up of 3 sheets

  • Summary: A summary showing # of items by topic and status. A button on this sheet opens a form that lets you navigate the Master Guidelines List.
  • Master Guidelines List: A sheet with the master guidelines by topic area and section number. You can manually update status information in this document though the form provides a more visually appealing method for navigating the data.
  • Tables and Data: Currently this has the status list, used for populating column A on the Master Guidelines List and the drop down list in the audit review form. Eventually, we will make the list dynamic and add the status headings to the Summary sheet automatically.

Basic Usage

  • Open the sheet.
  • Enable editing and content (macros).
  • Review summary chart.
  • Launch form and edit status information as necessary.
  • Saving a given record (row) status, updates the status data.

Updates & Suggestions

Get updates or offer feature suggestions using the form below.

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