Excel Automation for Non-Programmers

Learn Excel Visual-basic for Applications (VBA) quickly and with a real-world, project-focused, approached!

Plus, get more than 30 useful functions and routines, including advanced techniques like Google API integration, database connectivity, Microsoft Word, Access, and Powerpoint integration, Quickbooks connectivity, and sheet and data management.

Project Focused for Greater Understanding

My course is aimed to help you adopt and utilize Excel automation in an actual environment... YOURS!  Using client projects, I help you recognize automation opportunities; taking the abstract and making it more applicable.

We will be releasing the course in the next 4 weeks (9/15/2019).

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Business Analysts, Financial Analysts & Professionals, Data Analysts, Consultants, Business Owners, anyone using Excel extensively.

What You Will Learn

This workshop will teach you how to get started with Visual-basic for Applications (VBA "macros") and other automation techniques to help you become much more efficient and effective with Microsoft Excel.


  • Introduction to Excel Automation (with examples)
  • Tasks you can automate
  • Recording macros
  • Modifying recorded macros
  • Understanding advanced cell references and identifying repeatable patterns
  • Writing a simple automation routine from scratch (you can do this)
  • How to connect to and extract data from databases (SQL)
  • and more...

What you'll receive

  • Over an hour of direct instruction with clear examples
  • Any slides & code samples referenced during the presentation
  • downloadable library of code and additional notes on their use

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