Information Technology

IT Consulting and Integration Services

We specialize in executive reporting solutions, document assembly, and automating I.T. infrastructure management. We also assist organizations on infrastructure planning, implementation, and ongoing support.

Business-value focused information technology consulting and support:

It’s not about our technical skills.. it’s about your business and the value that technology can bring to the operation.

We employ a project development & business solutions methodology called, Concept Over Process that focuses the attention on a solid understanding of our client’s business, their objectives, and well-defined outcomes. This doesn’t suggest that tools and process are unimportant… they are critical! But, their value is magnified with through strong conceptual understanding.

Database & Application Development

From concept through design, implementation and training, and ongoing support, we help your organization streamline operations and make sense of the data available to you.

Network Design/Desktop Support

We also provide full consulting, integration, and support to provide you a computing infrastructure that is stable, secure, backed-up, and documented. Our belief is that infrastructure is the critical delivery vehicle for high-value automation and information (analysis and decision support) software & tools.

Cloud-computing and Mobile Initiatives

We’ve been an advocate and advisor for a number of anywhere/anytime computing initiatives. If your organization is looking to leverage cloud, hybrid-cloud, and mobile computing products and services, we can help make your project successful.

QuickBooks Integration

Quickbooks is one of the most popular but least connected software products in use today. Many organizations spend a LOT of time moving data in and out of Quickbooks and other databases in their environment. We can help build tools that automate this process, dramatically reducing time and errors with data manipulation and helping give your organization the data it needs more quickly.

Concept Over Process
is a project development mindset and methodology written by Pulse founder, Matthew Moran. It is covered in his book, Building Your IT Career (Pearson publishing) – an IT career manual focused on soft-skills, project management, and the business value proposition of IT. 

Click the image below for a free copy of Chapter 22: Concept Over Process from the aforementioned book.

building your it career

The COP Premise:

A perfectly implemented technology, based on a flawed business understanding or concept, will produce a perfectly flawed result.

and the adverse

A less-than perfectly implemented technology, based on a solid business understanding or concept, will produce a solution.

One is a costly throw away. The other can be optimized over time.

We believe being concept-driven & process-savvy benefits your organization and leads to better solutions!