Hyper Call Q: Sales Call Manager

version 0.80 

HyperCallQ is a sales/prospecting queue built on SQL Server and providing rapid call and automated push-button call response tracking. It is a perfect tool for small and large sales teams.

If you purchase lists or have a large database of calls that need to be made, HCQ provides a simple, one-page, interface for auto-selecting a contact, initiating the call, adding notes and providing single-button responses to either put the prospect back into the queue for a later contact or remove the contact from the queue.

Management can see activity in real-time and manage how the queue is delivered to your sales team.

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  • Single screen call dialer, notes, and call actions
  • On screen pitch and objections database
  • One button lead/prospect actions
  • Streamlined lists comparison/cleanup tools
  • Management real-time action log
  • Timezone intelligent calling
  • Ability to include or exclude records from active queue based on source, import date/time, and other factors.
  • Export and remove records flagged/marked as customer for import into CRM and/or Billing software
  • Management removal of records flagged as "deleted" or "bad"
  • Microsoft Word-based Network Email Templates
  • Integration with Microsoft Outloook
Hyper Call Q lead prospecting call database