Pulse Infomatics is a Los Angeles based database development and office automation company.

We build innovative business technology using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Excel, and Word. From full start-to-finish company databases that track customers, invoices, product, inventory, etc., rapid automation projects, document assembly (contracts, proposals, and more), to middle-ware that integrates disparate database products, we approach our solutions with a client-centric methodology called, Concept Over Process.

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  • Data Analytics & Financial Dashboards
  • Document Creation/Contract Assembly
  • Data Cleanup & Data Conversion
  • Automated and Distributed Report Systems
  • Excel Report & Analysis Automation
  • SQL Server Database Design
  • Excel to SQL Integration
  • Microsoft Access (w/SQL Backend) Applications
  • Custom Forms in Excel or Word
  • Integration with All Microsoft Office Products


MS Access/SQL Server
Database Development

Los Angeles Microsoft Access Consultants, SQL Server Development and Integration

Custom database solutions and rapid development for specialized database connectivity. From design to implementation and ongoing maintenance. We strongly recommend using Access as your front-end application solution and SQL Server as the data repository.

Access can also serve as a front-end for both Excel & Word automation projects and a highly effective tool for data preparation and conversion.

MS Excel Automation
(VBA macros)

Microsoft Excel Visual-Basic for Applications consultant in Los Angeles

Excel can be a robust and highly customizable platform for business automation. We can create forms that read & write data from databases, websites, text files, and other Excel files - taking hours of tedious labor and turning it into push-button, error-free, automation.

We use Excel for extracting and reporting on data from multiple sources, assisting with data cleanup and conversation, and creating complex reporting dashboards.

Microsoft Word Automation
(document assembly)

VBA Document Assembly. Custom Microsoft Word automation

Our Word Automation Solutions have been implemented by insurance companies, law firms, financial services companies, and many others. Custom templates, language libraries, and other powerful features can automate contract assembly, proposal creation, and complex reports that are simply not possible in out of the box reporting solutions.

Power BI/Tableau
(data dashboards)

Custom Data Dashboards using Power BI and Tableau

Take your reporting and data to the next level with custom visual dashboards. We help your data tell the story that helps you make faster and more accurate business decisions.

Using Power BI and Tableau, along with the other automation tools in our arsenal, we can help create highly-customized reporting systems.

Airtable Consulting & Solutions
(cloud-based data)

We build custom Airtable systems with automated data reporting using Zapier and integromat, integration with Excel, Google sheets, and other BI tools

Airtable is a cloud-based, spreadsheet-like, relational database system. While it lacks form integration, we help organizations create rapidly implemented systems for company data using the Airtable platform.

Additionally, we build custom solutions using Airtable's API to provide system automation and advanced reporting. Solutions can involve pulling data into more robust reporting solutions like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Google's Data Lab, and others.

The Blog
(free code & demos)

More than just news, our blog can give you insight into how we work and the type of solutions we build. We can't put it all out there but we try to provide some training and actual code examples you can use.

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We are passionate about our clients and about the solutions we partner with them to build.

For more than 25 years, this passion has driven us to create, Qualitatively Superior Solutions.