Google adds voice to text to Google Docs

Google Drive/Docs = Amazing!

First, let me say it again. If you are NOT using Google Drive/Google Docs, you need to start immediately!

A few weeks ago I demonstrated how you can use your Android voice-to-text to dictate into a Google Document. That’s great technology for note-taking and even longer documents.

Now Google has introduced voice-to-text technology directly in Google Documents. Currently you need to be using the Chrome browser to enable this feature.

Enable Google Voice-to-Text in Chrome


To start using voice-to-text in Google Docs, open or create a Google document , select the Tools menu, and select voice typing.

A microphone icon will appear. Simply click on the icon and start speaking.

You can add punctuation simply by saying the name of the punctuation mark you want to insert. You can also add a line space simply by saying “new line”.

Google has added some other features to the Google Docs suite. including updates to Google Forms. You can read about those on the Google for works blog.

Let me know if you put any of these features to use. Also, if you want to know how to be better use these and other collaboration technology, just ask.

Short video demonstration

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