Excel VBA Google Distance Matrix API and Google Static Map Image API

This is a demo of a recent client project. Based on my Google Distance Calculator example (go here to view and download). Below is a video demo and downloadable example of the project.

Technologies Used:

Excel VBA, Google Maps Distance Matrix API, Google Maps Static Map API.

My client needed a list of addresses to generate a matrix that included both the distance and travel time for each address combination.

For each address listed, a column was created, and using the column heading address as the origin, destinations were calculated for each of the remaining addresses.

Conditional formatting was included on a 3 color scale gradient. The colors used can be modified by my client by selecting a background color for cells in a "System" sheet.  Additionally, a departure time can also be added.

Finally, from any of the resulting matrix columns, a form allows my client to select one or more destination addresses and generate a Google map image with markers for the origin and selected destination addresses.

Note: This is a demo. As part of a client project, I am not including the source code. If you have questions about my methodology, please contact me.

Video Demo

File Download


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