Embedding Google Forms on WordPress

If you run a wordpress site and want to include simple poll questions or other specialized input forms on your pages or blog posts, consider the Google Forms plug-in from Mike Walsh. I’ve used it for years and it combines the power of Google Forms with WordPress.

In your WordPress console, add & activate the Google Forms plug-in. If you do not know how to add plug-ins, there are plenty of videos. I’m not covering that here.

Create your Google Form

If you are not a Google user, change that today. Signup for a Gmail account. Friends don’t let friends use yahoo, aol, hotmail, and other non-functional and dying email providers.

Here is a quick primer:

Google Forms

You find Google forms in Google Drive. From Gmail, or any signed in Google page, use the Google App Launcher menu (9 squares in a 3 x 3 grid in the upper right of the page).

It looks like this:
Image result for google app menu icon

Google forms allows you to create highly flexible forms – even multiple part forms that branch based on responses. You can use these for sign-ups or for surveys and polls.

I created a very simple form. I added a short text field for name and a multiple choice grid for a survey type question.

Some necessary form settings

  1. Downgrade to old Google forms
    When on your form, lower-right corner, question mark – choose downgrade to old Google Forms
  2. Uncheck require sign-in. This makes your form public.
  3. Get the form URL
    Click the send button and select the “link” icon. Copy that URL.

Add the Google Form to WordPress

Now go to the Google Forms menu in your wordpress console. If you’ve added and activated the plug-in, it will be there.

  1. Click Add New Google Form
  2. Paste the Google Form URL.
    You can create your own confirmation page if you’d like.
    There are other settings as well. Read Mike Walsh’s documentation for what those mean. I entered my email to have the form send me an email every time the form is submitted.
  3. There are also captcha options to help you reduce spam.
  4. Publish the Google form record in WordPress
  5. Click on the Google Forms menu item in WordPress. You’ll see your Google Forms shortcode.
    It will look like: [wpgform id=’####’]
  6. Add that code into a wordpress page or post and voila. I’ve added my form below this blog entry.

Google Forms WordPress formviewer_prd.js Error

If you see a link below your form on the page that concludes with formviewer_prd.js, here is the simple fix.

  1. In wordpress, go to “Settings->Google Forms”
  2. Choose “Advanced settings” and place a checkbox in the Disable HTML Filtering checkbox. Save your settings.

That’s it. That should embed the Google Form on your page or post. You can also modify your form’s layout using CSS – but that’s for another day.

You can see my sample form below.

[wpgform id=’1923′]


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  1. I read your post with interest. I can see that you published it on 5 December 2017 – unfortunately Google disabled the downgrade. We cannot downgrade to old Google Forms any more. This happened two months ago. I am curious – how did you manage it?
    Thank you.

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