Campus Mesh WiFi using Sonicwall, Ubiquiti, and Open-Mesh (network integration)


Our client, an RV resort, needs a robust and scaleable WiFi network for guests.


sonicwall provides a backbone for mesh campus wifi

Open Mesh

ubiquiti equipment used for campus mesh wifi integration


The Challenge

A family of four can easily be responsible for 7 to 10 WiFi connections:

  • 1 smart TV
  • 2 laptops
  • 1 tablet
  • 4 smart phones
    8 connections

These connections are likely streaming Netflix, YouTube, video calls, and more.

The resort has more than 250 sites. During the busiest weekends, the WiFi could experience 1,200 connections or more.

Our client needed a major upgrade to their infrastructure and a way to monitor and control bandwidth.

They also wanted to make sure that, as new and higher-speed Internet became available, they could add it to their system.

The Solution

We designed a solution using the following vendors and implementation


This is our Internet router. We currently connect to 3 broadband connections using SONICWALL’s load-balancing technology to take advantage of the three connections. We are looking at a fourth, fiber connection. Additionally, we have Quality of Service (QOS) implemented on the SONICWALL to deliver VOIP traffic to the resort offices and store.

Ubiquiti Prism, LiteBeam, and NanoBeam:

Multiple Ubiquiti Prism radios, with sector antennas, capture signal from LiteBeam and NanoBeam (450mb) devices. These connections are configured as high-speed wireless bridges to deliver traffic to and from the Internet.

Open-Mesh Access Points & CloudTrax Software

We chose Open-Mesh devices for their ease of deployment, effective mesh technology, and bundled management and branded WiFi access software portal, CloudTrax. CloudTrax gives us the ability to monitor and control bandwidth. Our client can also provide guests vouchers for standard and premium Internet access.

Mesh Campus WiFi Diagram

You may view or download the integration diagram below (or here as a PDF).
mesh wifi case-study image


July 4th is approaching. It is the busiest week of the year. We fully expect too many connections and for our broadband connections to be overloaded… but we are excited to see how it is handled.

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  1. How did this project turn out?

    I am thinking of implementing a similar concept at home for a few outbuildings on my property.

    I already have Open-Mesh a60 APs, and a few of their POE switches. I use dual wan NetGear FW for the Internet connection, but am looking to change this out for something else.

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