Data Analytics and Digital Dashboards

Your data means something. We help it speak to you. Better business intelligence, decision support, exception reporting, and visibility to the challenges, and more importantly, the opportunities your data is telling you about.

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Use SQL Server as the back end database for your Microsoft Access projects

Using SQL Server Express for Your Microsoft Access Projects

Summary: Some of the reasons why you should use SQL Server (or SQL Server Express) to store data for your Microsoft Access projects. Plus, code to simplify connecting to SQL Server and attaching tables without manual linking. The Access DB is miserable but awesome! Can we be honest. It’s slow, clumsy to move around, inherently […]

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Los Angeles based Excel and Access VBA Programming

Using Excel VBA to Automate SQL Server Data Migration

Data Migration Sucess Some simple concepts to help you with more successful conversion and migration projects. Front-load the Automation Automation requires more work at the start – on the front-end of a project. Create simple data connection and output tools immediately. Doing so will give your team the confidence to defer to the automation tool […]

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New Prospecting and Sales Call Software – Hyper Call Q

Los Angeles, CA – Pulse Infomatics Streamlines the Sales Call and Prospecting Process Pulse Infomatics is preparing to release it’s flagship Sales Prospecting and Call Center software, Hyper Call Q, for limited custom release in January 2017. Hyper Call Q provides a simplified, single-screen and push-button actions, for almost all call resolutions. Additionally, sales reps […]

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Embedding Google Forms on WordPress

If you run a wordpress site and want to include simple poll questions or other specialized input forms on your pages or blog posts, consider the Google Forms plug-in from Mike Walsh. I’ve used it for years and it combines the power of Google Forms with WordPress. In your WordPress console, add & activate the […]

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Excel VBA to remove duplicates and merge cells

Excel Automation for Data Analysts

Should you learn VBA? Note: A very simple sample file and code can be downloaded just above the video. A lot of “real” programmers dismiss VBA and Visual-basic in general. This is short-sighted for a number of reasons. Building solutions should be about effective solutions, not a myopic focus on the “most powerful tool.” When […]

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What is server virtualization and why do you care?

Let’s start with the, “Why do you care?” question. Short answer: You don’t! You’re a business owner or manager, not a computer tech/system engineer. But… you might care, if you knew a little bit about it. And by that I mean, knowing what it is and more importantly, how it benefits the business using it. […]

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