3 ways to create social media content that you are already doing

How do we get new ideas for content?

This question comes up a LOT! Seriously, it is one of the most common questions I get from clients and others.

We know that great content is social media’s secret sauce.. If you are “doing social” without great content – simply spouting advertising – you aren’t doing social! STOP IT! It’s embarrassing!

REMEMBER: Good content is social media’s secret sauce! Without it, social is tasteless!

But how can you get content for your brand? Well, you might already be creating it and not know it.

Below are some ideas to help you create content “as you go.” Again, you are probably already creating content and simply don’t realize it.

I’ve also created a video where I discuss these ideas…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgPk7OChkvY]

Places to find / create content:

Take part in online communities

Yesterday morning I saw a discussion in an IT community about training users and how users and management fight training. There were many complaints about how users and management won’t take the time to learn and don’t allocate time for training.This prompted me to write a response where I outlined some ideas on how they might get better adoption or acceptance of training.

As I wrote it, I realized that it made for a great blog entry on ways to get companies to adopt training. (I’ll be publishing that at a later time).I copied what I wrote, put it into a Google Document, and suddenly I have a good blog entry.

Review past emails and other correspondence:

We have so much head knowledge and things we’ve shared. Those things are potential content ideas.If you’ve ever ranted in an email, you probably have a video or blog entry already written.

Write a short response or commentary on something that interest you.

Don’t think about publishing it. Write it as though you were writing to a friend. Seriously, start it with, “Hey.. I don’t know if you saw this. I’d love to hear what you think. Here is what I  think about it.”

That’s it.. use that as your impetus for throwing some ideas together for a friend.Because, guess what, that’s how you should be writing your blog or videos anyway… like you are writing to a friend.


Those are good places to start. Start with stuff you are already creating! It is much easier than starting with a blank page.



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